European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

Auftraggeber: Europäische Kommission, Produktion: Cine Plus Berlin

Celebrating the past to build the future – discover what is cultural heritage and why it is important.
The trailer is the introduction to a series of events all over Europe celebrating and discussing identity & preservation of the country specific cultural heritage in the EU.

Laura Neuss
Christian Tan

Produktion: Cine Plus Berlin
Production Manager: Kira Müller
Regie Adrian Künzel
Kamera Björn Bethke
2. Unit Camera: Adrian Künzel
Focus Puller Max Büge
2. Kameraassistenz Felix Spröde
3. Kameraassistenz Nick Dobers

Make Up Janina Kuhlmann
Stylist Mads Dinesen
Set Runner / Requisite Franziska Wolf

Voice Over: Franziska Wolf

Editor: Kornelius Glaser

hub:raum 5G Startup Partner Portraits

Imagefilm & Portraits: Konzept & Regie

Building the future 5G network, Deutsche Telekom cooperates with a wide range of technology partners – and we did a series of short portrays and interviews about these partners. (selection)

Building the future 5G network, Deutsche Telekom cooperates with a wide range of technology partners – and we did a series of short portrays and interviews about these partners. (selection)

WAR & PEACE Conference, Trailer & Eventvideo

Auftraggeber: Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung

Imagefilm & Trailer: Konzept & Regie

This trailer was done in Oktober 2018 for the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung/ Federal Agency for Civic Education for the War & Peace Festival in Berlin in cooperation with GORKI Theatre.

Production Company: Cine Plus
Producer: Sabine Feuerbach
PA: Romina Lehmann
DoP: Ronny
Sound/ Assistant Camera: Max Büge

Director/ 2nd camera: Adrian Künzel

And this is the video about the event.

hub:raum – the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

Auftraggeber: Deutsche Telekom/ hub:raum

I was recently portraying a couple of interesting events regarding edge computing and 5G at hub:raum – the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom‘. They are working with some quite interesting start ups, which I also portrayed shortly. You may find some of the videos here.

You can get an overview about my current  work also on VIMEO.


PEARLS Artist Prize Winner 2016

I am the proud winner of the PEARLS Artist Prize 2016. Still speechless 🙂 Thanks you so much. This is a real present and an awesome motivation.


Adrian Künzel


As a result I will be giving a workshop together with Adi Halfin about film & dance next year in March 2017, a first test to merge some body work with filmmaking. The idea is to develop the wirkshop format into something like „physical filmmaking“: with a great emphasis on the body, our ability to be present in the moment, to sense the world around us.

All this will happen in DOCK 11. Feel free to apply. Please ask for more information here:

„Untitled Until Today“

Auftraggeber: Joanna Gemma Auguri

Zorro Inc. Filmproduktion – presents:

„Untitled Until Today“ – Joanna Gemma Auguri – from „GREEN WATER“ EP,  Official Videorelease January 21st, 2016, 8 pm

Music by: Joanna Gemma Auguri –;

Filmed & Edited by Adrian Künzel –

Caracters of the film:
Katinka Priegnitz as HER –
Quentin De Robillard as HIM
Jakob Kobo Köhler as The Other Wild Man
Thomas Brennholz as the Blind Magician
Joanna Gemma Auguri as the White Woman
Thanks for all other helpers like Christin Bolte, Katharina Thieme & Markus Ziegler

Special thanks to Manuel Kerstan & Knitterfisch Filmproduktion for the aerial shots. –

ABOUT Joanna Gemma Auguri:
vocals, accordion: Joanna Gemma Auguri
synths and electric devices: Lukas Lonski
drums: Felix Classen
recorded and mixed by Lonski and CLassen
mastered by Ingo Kraus – Candybomber Studio

At some point on the wistful road of Joanna Gemma Auguris ‘Green Water’ EP, you realise you are being whispered to by a masterful singer-songwriter whose dreamy and honest lyrical depictions shine much light into the darkness of her music.
This deep and timeless folk, woven together in a place that could resemble the depths of the sea or in the fading light of a secret room you dreamt about once, is brought together at times with soft electronica that does anything but get in the way of her un-earthly voice atop an accordion which sounds like it’s born of her blood –
a nostalgic and analogue essence that clearly makes her music what it is.
Tangled up in the emotional and truthful moments that surely all people weave in and out of at some point in their lives, it becomes clear that this music carries great empathy for our lost and lonely bones.

Joanna Gemma Auguris ‘Green Water EP’ will be out on Baboushka Records on the 24th of february 2016.
Touring Germany in april 2016.