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Federal Agency for Civic Education – Trailer for the WAR & PEACE Conference Berlin @ Gorki Theatre

This trailer was done in Oktober 2018 for the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung/ Federal Agency for Civic Education for the War & Peace Festival in Berlin in cooperation with GORKI Theatre. Production Company: Cine Plus Producer: Sabine Feuerbach PA: Romina Lehmann DoP: Ronny Sound/ Assistant Camera: Max Büge Director/ 2nd camera: Adrian Künzel

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Our European heritage ( Trailer) – European Commission – European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

Celebrating the past to build the future – discover what is cultural heritage and why it is important. The trailer is the introduction to a series of events all over Europe celebrating and discussing identity & preservation of the country specific cultural heritage in the EU. Cast Laura Neuss Christian Tan Crew Produktion: Cine Plus […]

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„Untitled Until Today“ – Joanna Gemma Auguri – from „GREEN WATER“ EP, Official Videorelease – Click here to Enter

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Zorro Inc. Filmproduktion – presents: „Untitled Until Today“ – Joanna Gemma Auguri – from „GREEN WATER“ EP,  Official Videorelease January 21st, 2016, 8 pm Music by: Joanna Gemma Auguri –; Label: Filmed & Edited by Adrian Künzel – Caracters of the film: Katinka Priegnitz as HER – Quentin De Robillard […]