European Union’s Cultural Heritage Year 2018

Auftraggeber: Europäische Kommission, Produktion: Cine Plus Berlin

Celebrating the past to build the future – discover what is cultural heritage and why it is important.
The trailer is the introduction to a series of events all over Europe celebrating and discussing identity & preservation of the country specific cultural heritage in the EU.

Laura Neuss
Christian Tan

Produktion: Cine Plus Berlin
Production Manager: Kira Müller
Regie Adrian Künzel
Kamera Björn Bethke
2. Unit Camera: Adrian Künzel
Focus Puller Max Büge
2. Kameraassistenz Felix Spröde
3. Kameraassistenz Nick Dobers

Make Up Janina Kuhlmann
Stylist Mads Dinesen
Set Runner / Requisite Franziska Wolf

Voice Over: Franziska Wolf

Editor: Kornelius Glaser