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European Union’s EUROFOUND -Towards Recovery and Resilience

Yet another experience with great people in EU institutions, who actually want to make a real contribution to the lives of all European citizens. Researchers and communicators that are reaching out to learn about what is going on with the people and their living & work conditions.

„The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) is a tripartite European Union Agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies.

It carries out its role in partnership with governments, employers, trade unions and the European Union institutions.

Eurofound employs 100 staff, in its offices in Dublin, Ireland and Brussels, Belgium.“

In my opinion, they should add a 4th sector, which includes NGO’s from the environment and food sector. The people I met there, anyway seemed compassionate and intelligent altogether and we can only hope that politicians are listening to them.

Especially in these days of propaganda and extreme lobbyism, we need to value our institutions and infuse them with our values and active participation – again and again.