Alle Filme, Short Film

LILITH לילית a tale of EVOLOVE – A Film by ANIMA‡

Director of Photography: Adrian Künzel
Editor: Adrian Künzel

Starring: Melanie Gaydos
Featuring: Lilith, Lucifer, Crudelia Von Grimm, Meerak Meinohg

Lighting Designer: Fredrik Altinell
Production: Emanuele Crotti

Suspension: CoCo Katsura
Hair & Makeup: Yeorg Kronnagel
Masks & Armour: Guillaume Airiaud
Clothing Items: Degenerotika
Photography (Set): Evan Schreiber
Photography (Corpus): Evelyn Bencicova
Taxidermy Sculpture: Iris Schieferstein
Collages: Pecheur Dperles
Soundtrack: Christian Tan
Cello: Fred Malverde

In cooperation with ZORRO Inc. Filmproduktion

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